This small sized Robusto (4.5×50) is wrapped in a Honduran leaf, binded with a Connecticut broadleaf and filled with tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Honduras. Lots of influences make this cigar an interesting, flavorful medium bodied cigar. The cigar had a great draw and a pretty even burn and had toasty and creamy flavors along with pepper and cedar. At times it seemed a bit tinny, but it ended up balancing nicely. I really enjoyed this cigar and will be eager to pick up one again. Overall, I rate it at a nice B+.



This was a pretty small cigar (4.5×52) but had lots of flavor. The beginning of the cigar had a woody, lemony flavor and as the cigar progressed it turned rather peppery and earthy. The draw was nice and the burn just a tad uneven. Honestly, this was not my preference in a cigar, but I can see how someone would enjoy it. However, just like the last Joya de Nicaragua I smoked the cigar went out on me twice. I really couldn’t believe it. As a result, I’ll give this one a deserving C- and officially give up on Joya de Nicaragua.


The Lot 23 is made from tobacco grown and aged in Nicaragua with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. I smoked the Robusto which measured in at a typical 5×50. The draw was nice and the burn even. The wrapper was very nice looking aside from a vein or two, but overall it looked quite inticing. The cigar did not dissapoint. Cedary, creamy flavors along with a hint of nut and perhaps coffee mixed with a nice earthy twist, made a very enjoyable and pretty smooth medium-bodied cigar. I really enjoyed this cigar and will definetly be looking to pick up a few more very soon. Overall, I give it an A-.


Wow. My top 5 has changed after smoking this smooth, full-bodied wonderful cigar. The 5×50 Robusto is made with a Habano Sun Grown wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Jalapa Valley Ligero filler. It was a full bodied cigar with hints of cedar, coffee, chocolate, and maybe even a touch of nut. The cigar was so complex I analyzed it the entire time I smoked it and was left only wishing it had been a churchhill so I had more time to enjoy and analyze. The burn was a bit uneven, but I started out smoking it at the beach on a really windy evening, so I will assume this was the main culprit. The draw was perfect and it left me wishing I had another one just like it in my box (though I do have the enourmouse Special V Figurado 6×60 in my box that I’m saving for poker night on my birthday). Overall, I rate the cigar at an impressive A+.


Honestly, I’m not sure which wrapper this one was, but I THINK it was a camaroon. Overall, the cigar was one of the smoothest I’ve ever smoked. Talk about smooth. Not a harsh note in it at all. Honestly, the flavor was not my cup of tea, but I suppose this is a thing of preference. For the price ($8.60), I’d rather smoke a Cohiba, but I was pleased to smoke the one I had. Made of Dominican tobacco, this Robusto was sized at around 5×50, and had, at times, a sweet taste in the finish. Overall, I’ll give it an even A.


The 1992 was a beautiful looking, nice sized cigar (5.5×50). Made from a 10 year old Ecuadorian Sumatra sungrown wrapper and 7 year old Honduran filler, this cigar was earthy, peppery and full-bodied. This one had lots of flavor, a great draw and a pretty decent burn. Nice, smooth cigar that I really enjoyed and I look forward to picking more of these up soon. I rate it at an A-.


Pronounced ta-too-wah-hey, the Habana VI is an excellent cigar made from all Nicaraguan tobacco and rolled with a “beautiful Cuban triple-cap”. This was a small cigar, sized at 4 5/8 x 42 and makes for a very flavorful quick smoke. The burn was a bit uneven, but the draw was pretty good and flavors of pepper, spice and cedar were plentiful. The cost was perhaps a little high for the size of the cigar ($5) but I found it to be more or less worth while. Overall I’ll rate the cigar at an A-.


The America is a beautiful pinstripe cigar made with two Connecticut wrappers, one a Natural and the other a Sungrown broadleaf. The binder is Brazilian and the filler is a mixture of Nicaraguan, Italian, Dominican and USA tobaccos. Fitting if you ask me. An American named cigar with influences from all over the world. A mirror of our culture. The cigar was not near as mild as I expected. With the Connecticut wrappers, I didn’t expect the spice I tasted, but the cigar was full of spicy, peppery flavors throughout. It started off a bit rough, but finished a little smoother. The Potomac is a nice sized cigar at 5×56, and the presentation of the cigar is one of the best I’ve seen. I was a little dissapointed, but not unsatisfied and would rate the cigar overall at a strong B+.


Wow. What a cigar! This particular size is great for a quick smoke, but it left me wanting quite a bit more. The Honduran wrapper, and Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Italian filler make for a very sweet, very smooth cigar. The draw was perfect and the burn a bit uneven, but the flavor far outweighed all of that. I was sad to put it down. The Novella is sized at 4.5×46. Overall I give it an even A.


This is the house cigar of a cigar shop I frequent, made from a private label in Miami. The barberpole wrapper is Ecuadorian Maduro and Ecuadorian Natural with Nicaraguan filler. I have to say, this was a pretty good smoke. Plenty of spice from the Maduro leaf, but the Natural leaf it was paired with kept it pretty smooth with a long finish. The cigar had an excellent draw with a perfectly even burn. At four bucks, I may have to have another one of these in the near future. Overall I give it a B+.

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