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I’ve been wanting to try the 1964 Anniversary Series for a while now, and today I finally did. This was a great smoke. There’s really no other way to say it. Elegance in a small package. This cigar is sized small (46×4.5) but the flavor, aroma, smoothness and quality were huge. If you’re wanting an extra edge in quality and willing to spend a bit more, you have to have a cigar from Padron’s 1964 Anniversary Series.


I can’t remember the specific version of the Padron I smoked recently, but it was one of the cheaper, introductory lines. I think I paid less than or close to $3 for it. Honestly, it was dissapointing. I’ve been trying to support my Nicaraguan brother’s recently, but this wasn’t the way to do it. This is the only Padron I’ve had, but am SURE the higher end one’s are much better. The flavor was decent, but the burn was uneven and the draw way to hard.