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Wow. My top 5 has changed after smoking this smooth, full-bodied wonderful cigar. The 5×50 Robusto is made with a Habano Sun Grown wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Jalapa Valley Ligero filler. It was a full bodied cigar with hints of cedar, coffee, chocolate, and maybe even a touch of nut. The cigar was so complex I analyzed it the entire time I smoked it and was left only wishing it had been a churchhill so I had more time to enjoy and analyze. The burn was a bit uneven, but I started out smoking it at the beach on a really windy evening, so I will assume this was the main culprit. The draw was perfect and it left me wishing I had another one just like it in my box (though I do have the enourmouse Special V Figurado 6×60 in my box that I’m saving for poker night on my birthday). Overall, I rate the cigar at an impressive A+.



Interesting little smoke. This cigar is the exact size and shape of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story, but at a cost of about half the price at $2.60. At first it was a little too spicy, almost dirty tasting. But I pushed through that and the cigar actually turned out to be a nice mild smoke. It had a moderatley even burn, and a decent draw, leaning towards hard. The cigar had decent flavor and inticed the taste buds from time to time. It was a good smoke for the money, especially if you’re looking for a quick smoke.