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This was a pretty small cigar (4.5×52) but had lots of flavor. The beginning of the cigar had a woody, lemony flavor and as the cigar progressed it turned rather peppery and earthy. The draw was nice and the burn just a tad uneven. Honestly, this was not my preference in a cigar, but I can see how someone would enjoy it. However, just like the last Joya de Nicaragua I smoked the cigar went out on me twice. I really couldn’t believe it. As a result, I’ll give this one a deserving C- and officially give up on Joya de Nicaragua.



I have to say that this cigar was just okay. It had decent flavor, and an okay draw, maybe a little on the tight side, had a good even burn but was unimpressed mainly becuase it went out on me twice. This happens to me very seldomly because when I smoke a cigar, I smoke it, it doesn’t get much time to sit. So for a cigar to go out on me is rare, and makes you wonder about the roll quality. This is a smaller cigar (4 3/4 x 42) which is mainly why I bought it because sometimes I just want a small, quick smoke. I most likely wont buy any more of this Joya variety, I still have one more in my humidor, but will certainly try more of their stuff.