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I’m not sure what to say about this one.  I picked it up at a self-titled shop in downtown Asheville, NC over the weekend, which sold only it’s own brand of cigars.  The guy at the shop told me it was all Dominican, but when I went to the web site, they seemed to think the cigar was made of tobacco solely grown in North Carolina.  So it seems they are confused on where their own cigars come from.  Regardless, it was a decent smoke.  When I lit it, it was very tart, even sour, but it graduated into some rather smooth leathery and wood flavors.  The draw was pretty good, but it burnt uneven and I had to re-light it twice and the third time it went out, I set it down premature.  For the price of $7, it was good, but not worth it.  Overall, I’ll give it a B-.