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The America is a beautiful pinstripe cigar made with two Connecticut wrappers, one a Natural and the other a Sungrown broadleaf. The binder is Brazilian and the filler is a mixture of Nicaraguan, Italian, Dominican and USA tobaccos. Fitting if you ask me. An American named cigar with influences from all over the world. A mirror of our culture. The cigar was not near as mild as I expected. With the Connecticut wrappers, I didn’t expect the spice I tasted, but the cigar was full of spicy, peppery flavors throughout. It started off a bit rough, but finished a little smoother. The Potomac is a nice sized cigar at 5×56, and the presentation of the cigar is one of the best I’ve seen. I was a little dissapointed, but not unsatisfied and would rate the cigar overall at a strong B+.



Wow. What a cigar! This particular size is great for a quick smoke, but it left me wanting quite a bit more. The Honduran wrapper, and Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Italian filler make for a very sweet, very smooth cigar. The draw was perfect and the burn a bit uneven, but the flavor far outweighed all of that. I was sad to put it down. The Novella is sized at 4.5×46. Overall I give it an even A.


So this is my new favorite cigar. I had heard great things about this one, and had been wanting to try it for a while, so I bought one a couple weeks ago and it’s been sitting in my humidor waiting for the right time to give it a go. I finally smoked it the other night and I was so impressed with the cigar that I may have teared up a bit when it was done. My wife even took a couple puffs on it and she was actually impressed. The cigar had a wonderful flavor with hints of coffee and nut, a draw that got better as the cigar progressed and a decently even burn. I will be buying a box of the CX2 in the near future so I can enjoy one anytime the mood arises.


This is a short (5) and fat (56) wonderful cigar. It’s full-bodied with lots of flavor, great aroma and filled with the greatness of Nicaraguan tobacco and Brazilian wrapper. I was a little sad when it was finished. The only criticism I have of this cigar was that the draw was a little looser than I would like. But, I’d rather have one a bit loose than a bit tight. Such a great cigar I had to go out and buy another one the next day to have in my humidor. Kinda makes me want to go watch some soccer…ehem, or Futbol. GOL!


Two words. Pretty nice. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve had in it’s class, but it is definitly right up there. At first, it seemed a bit harsh for a natural colored wrapper, but half way through or so it really mellowed out and became quite an enjoyable smoke. It had a perfectly even burn and the draw was desirable. I will be getting a few more of these. I recently saw a pretty decent deal on a box and after smoking one I must admit that the box purchase is quite tempting. But I will hold off for now.