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Honestly, I’m not sure which wrapper this one was, but I THINK it was a camaroon. Overall, the cigar was one of the smoothest I’ve ever smoked. Talk about smooth. Not a harsh note in it at all. Honestly, the flavor was not my cup of tea, but I suppose this is a thing of preference. For the price ($8.60), I’d rather smoke a Cohiba, but I was pleased to smoke the one I had. Made of Dominican tobacco, this Robusto was sized at around 5×50, and had, at times, a sweet taste in the finish. Overall, I’ll give it an even A.



This might be the perfect cigar…at least for me. Since I’m ADD (not clinically) I rarely find the occasion to spend an hour smoking a cigar. Which is why I got into pipes a couple years ago, and why my cigar size of choice is the robusto. They still have the great draw and burn of a big fat churchill, but take a quarter of the time to smoke. The expection, of course, is anytime I play poker. Which, honestly, isn’t that often (the cost of fatherhood, I suppose). Anyway, this little cigar intrigues me as much as any other cigar I’ve ever encountered. Probably because of the size, it’s priced quite low and smokes as well as a cigar that costs twice as much. Also, I have seen the price DRAMATICALLY different at several different shops. I was in Miami recently, where I bought the Top Cigars, and the guy at this shop was asking, and apparently getting, $9.99 for these little guys! I had two in my travel humidor at the time that I paid $4.65 for at Total Wine in Jax. However, in shops in Jax, I’ve seen them priced at $4.65, $4.85, $5.50 and $7.00. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cigar with such price differences at various shops before. Cigar Aficionado recently gave this cigar a 93. Well deserved. I’m looking for an excuse, and opportunity (these cigars seem to be in high demand) to purchase a box in the near future.