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I had to give this one a try, since I like to try new cigars, and I haven’t really seen much of this particular variety. I did a bit of research on the Pontillo, and evidently they are made in the Oliva family factory with Nicaraguan tobacco and are owned by a man in North Carolina. I had the sun grown variety and I beleive the size was a Toro, about 5.5×54. The cigar was very firm, and very well made. I tested the draw before I lit it, and it felt just about perfect. The burn was even and slow. For about the first half of the smoke, the draw continued to feel smooth, but the amount of smoke drawn in was equal to a very hard drawn cigar, which I found odd. The second half of the cigar brought out quite a bit more flavor, and it ended much better than it began. The cigar was just okay, not a lot of elegance in the flavors, but nothing harsh that would turn you away. To be fair, I have a bit of a cold right now, but haven’t found any difficulties tasting anything else. More or less, I give the cigar a C+ and probably wouldn’t smoke another unless it was given to me or something like that.