Last night I tried the Gurkha G3 Toro.  Honestly, I was really wanting to try the Grand Age, but the only one the shop had in that variety was really big and I didn’t feel like taking the time to smoke it.  It was already late.  The G3 has a very dark Nicaraguan wrapper, a camaroon binder and Nicaraguan filler.  The cigar was quite smooth, had a bit of a tight draw that didn’t produce enough smoke and had a perfectly even burn.  Honestly, I expected this super dark wrapper to give out a bit more flavor.  It wasn’t flavorless, but it didn’t have enough flavor to make it very distinctive at all.  It was a fairly large cigar (6×50) that seemed to smoke a little fast, but did stay very cool the entire way through.  All in all, it was a very well made cigar, that didn’t impress me with it’s flavors or body.  In consideration of my rating coming primarily from preference and the expectation of a dark wrapper to give more of a medium to full bodied smoke, I’ll rate the G3 at an even C and say it wasn’t worth the $9 price tag.


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  1. Yea, some Gurkhas can be oddly bland. They are well made and handsome cigars most of the time and their presentation is rarely rivaled. Very few cigars are worth 9.00 a piece. 😛

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