I bought this cigar several weeks ago and had planned on letting it sit for at least a few months before smoking it, but last night I was just in the mood for a real light wrapper, and this was the lightest in my box. The cigar was quite smooth with a perfect draw and a pretty even burn. It had a leathery, nutty, and even at times spicy flavor. The only complaint I had was that the smoke seemed to get a little hotter than usual towards the end. Overall, nice smoke. This is the first Torano I’ve had and plan to try most of the others in thier line with eager expectation.



  1. Cigar Jack Said:

    This is one of my favorite mild cigars. I really enjoy this with a cup of coffee. Of the Torano cigars the Natural Reserva Selecta and Signature are my favorites. The maduro Reserva Selecta isn’t that great. If you can find the Tributes they are worth the money.

  2. hoperemains Said:

    Thanks for the advice, Cigar Jack, I will definitely give the Reserva Selecta and Signature a go. I’m also very much looking forward to trying the Noventa which I’ve heard good things about.


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